ENGINE: 1.0 Fox Ecoboost 998cc VCT; 3 cylinders in line; DOHC; 12 valves; alloy cylinder head; variable cam timing. Life Racing control unit with digital dash display and power management systems.


POWER: 180 PS @ 6,500 rpm TORQUE: 250 Nm @ 3,500 rpm


TRANSMISSION: Five speed sequential gearbox developed by Sadev with plated limited slip differential and uprated driveshafts.


SUSPENSION: Reiger adjustable dampers with Eibach springs, spherical jointed top mounts front and rear. Front dampers adjustable for high / low speed bump and rebound. Modified rear beam with uprated mounts. 2-bolt clamped front upright.


BRAKES: Gravel: Front: 285 mm ventilated discs with four piston Alcon competition calipers. Asphalt: Front: 310 mm ventilated discs with four piston Alcon competition calipers. Rear: 280 mm Alcon ventilated discs with single piston calipers. Hydraulic handbrake.


FUEL SYSTEM: ATL 58 Litre competition standard fuel tank, centrally mounted.


STEERING: Electric power-assisted steering.


WHEELS: Gravel: OZ 6x15 with 175/70R15 DMACK tyres. Asphalt: OZ 6.5x16 with 195/50R15 DMACK tyres.


DIMENSIONS: Length: 3953mm. Width: 1722mm. Height: 1481mm. Wheelbase: 2490mm. Weight: 1030kg.



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